Private Schools Compared with Public Schools


Public state schools in the UK are by and large not the best option if you want to maximise your children’s education opportunities.

If you compare our state schools to many of the renowned private schools here in the nation you will quickly see how our public school system is often lacking.

The first thing you may notice when your compare private schools and public schools is that public schools can often be helplessly overcrowded.

In some cases I have seen schools with more than 40 students crammed into a classroom.

It is obvious that such circumstances are less optimal, not only for the students but also for teachers. If you have such a large number of students per class, one result will be that teachers are unable to focus on students equally. In other words, the grades for some of the weaker students may suffer.

One of the biggest difference when it comes to comparing our state schools to private schools is when it comes to the extracurricular activities they offer. It is my experience that private, independent schools are normally doing far better in this regards. This is especially true for activities such as sports or music classes.

Any of the private schools I looked offered the children plenty of activities that ranged from sports teams to granting them the opportunity to learn an instrument. In comparison, state schools didn’t fare well there at all.

You may possibly think that providing your children good options when it comes to extracurricular activities isn’t that important but I beg to differ. It is my view that such activities like sports or creative engagement is also extremely important for your children to grow up. Why limits your children’s possibilities?

Before you decide on a school for your children, consider whether a private, independent school would be an option. Don’t hesitate to compare what private school offers to that would children can learn and get in our public school system. You may well change your opinion about our state school system when you realise that the differences can often be significant.

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