Cindy’s Wedding Reception

Cindy’s reception last month was definitely a blast. In fact, I might want to say it was probably the best reception I’ve ever been to!

I have to give probs to Cindy and Emilio, they really did an amazing job with selecting everything, from the great food and drink they had to the musical entertainment.

One of the best things and definitely one of the highlights of the party was when all the guys from a  security firm here in Torquay showed up for an amazing dance show. They did some pretty good Michael Jackson impersonations, absolutely awesome.

I took this also as a good opportunity to talk with some of the security guys because I am looking for some reliable door supervisors for some time already. I was not too happy with the last company I hired. We had some time to talk and I as really impressed with the guys.

We will meet next week again to talk things over. (So if you’re like me in the Torquay area and need some professionals for security in Torquay I can highly recommend them to you!)

Now, as you can imagine, I am already looking forward to Miriam’s reception in spring. She told me she wants to make her wedding at least as good as Cindy’s. Well, I am definitely looking forward to it!