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The Secret Life of a Secret Singer

An entertaining and insightful view into the “secret” life of The Secret Singers! This video shows us a little about their work and explains what makes the Singing Waiters so special!

In case you never heard of the Singing Waiters, they are the UK’s most popular surprise entertainment who perform for all types of occasions, from weddings and birthdays to corporate events.


BHS Relaunching as Online Retailer

This upcoming week, BHS will be relaunching in the UK as an online retailer. This moves comes one month after the retailer closed the last of its high street shops in the United Kingdom.

BHS went into administration this past April and following this has faced troubles finding a buyer.

The former retailer’s online operations however had been bought by retail group Qatari, the group which already owns the retailer’s Middle East franchise rights. will be launching on September 29 where they will be offering a range of furniture and lighting products. Along with this came a rename of the company into BHS International. The retailer moreover announced that they have plans to add a clothing range in near future. While the retailer previously employed 11,000 , their new staff consists now of a mere 84 employees.


How Electronic Invoicing Can Benefit Your Business

Electronic invoicing has a number of advantages compared to conventional invoicing that can make it attractive for any type of business. Let us look at those benefits of electronic invoicing.

E-invoicing allows you to send your invoices in real-time and instantly over the internet. Not only does this mean a significantly faster processing time for your invoices, it also means costs saved for mailing and stamping your invoices.

electronic-einvoiceIf both, you and your supplier, make use of e-invoice, this means you won’t ever have to deal with paperwork. The instant you create your invoice it is already accessible in your accounting system, without the need to type data from paper into a computer.

Depending on the size of a business, some businesses still need to dedicate considerable staff on their invoicing process. Since electronic invoices will require a lot less time and work, this can help to save tremendous costs. In addition to this, you will not require a mail room.

Electronic invoicing can make you and your business significantly more mobile. You can do your invoices from any type of mobile device in a fraction of the time. Many electronic invoice service providers have special apps available so you can create, send and receive invoices without the need for a physical office.

E-invoicing is very affordable. Most of the time, getting started with electronic invoicing will only cost you a small fee. There is no requirement for special equipment. Since it is very easy to do and back-compatible with normal invoicing, there is also no requirement for extensive training.

In conclusion, electronic invoicing can be highly recommended if you’re looking for a way to save time and money in your business!


Beard Oils: The Good and The Bad

If you wear a beard proudly like I do you will very quickly see that it requires a ton of maintenance and care. I would even go so far as to say that having a real nice,  well-kept beard requires a lot more care than most of the girl’s fancy hairstyles today.

well-kept beard – beard oilIt doesn’t take a lot for a beard to become really unsightly and unmanageable all at the same time.  But the good thing is that you can avoid this. As you can imagine, some products out there can help with that.

For anyone who wants to wear their beard in style, for all those guys who really want to make an impression I can highly recommend that you should look into beard oil.

Beard oil can help you to keep your beard looking great, it makes it smooth and manageable. If you use beard oil regularly, your beard will never have a chance to grow unsightly, it will always look classy and stylish no matter what beard you have!

The difference between a good and a bad beard oil

a bad beard oil, simply spoken is one where they use common chemical ingredients that can be harmful for your beard and/or skin. Some cheaper beard oils may even contain preservatives, artificial fragrances or dyes

A good beard oil is a beard oil that consists only of natural ingredients such as essential oils and scents. For me, this is very important since I really don’t want to put chemicals onto my beard and skin. I also do not like those beard oils where the scent is way tot intense for myself and those who are around me. (Ask my girlfriend, she hates some of the cheaper beard oils and their smell…)

Natural ingredients such as peppermint oil, lemon essential oils and so on can make your beard smell great plus they can help cool your skin and most importantly they do make your beard very soft.

This is why I recommend that you only get those beard oils where you know that what’s in them is all natural.


Private Schools Compared with Public Schools


Public state schools in the UK are by and large not the best option if you want to maximise your children’s education opportunities.

If you compare our state schools to many of the renowned private schools here in the nation you will quickly see how our public school system is often lacking.

The first thing you may notice when your compare private schools and public schools is that public schools can often be helplessly overcrowded.

In some cases I have seen schools with more than 40 students crammed into a classroom.

It is obvious that such circumstances are less optimal, not only for the students but also for teachers. If you have such a large number of students per class, one result will be that teachers are unable to focus on students equally. In other words, the grades for some of the weaker students may suffer.

One of the biggest difference when it comes to comparing our state schools to private schools is when it comes to the extracurricular activities they offer. It is my experience that private, independent schools are normally doing far better in this regards. This is especially true for activities such as sports or music classes.

Any of the private schools I looked offered the children plenty of activities that ranged from sports teams to granting them the opportunity to learn an instrument. In comparison, state schools didn’t fare well there at all.

You may possibly think that providing your children good options when it comes to extracurricular activities isn’t that important but I beg to differ. It is my view that such activities like sports or creative engagement is also extremely important for your children to grow up. Why limits your children’s possibilities?

Before you decide on a school for your children, consider whether a private, independent school would be an option. Don’t hesitate to compare what private school offers to that would children can learn and get in our public school system. You may well change your opinion about our state school system when you realise that the differences can often be significant.

At private school Bedfordshire you can find more information about how an independent, private school can benefit your children.


If You Want To Go Shopping In Devon

Rocking_Horses_CockingtonIf you’re still looking for some cool shopping ideas, especially for this upcoming holiday season I recommend you check the Virtual Tourist who has a helpful page on shopping in Devon.

This is a great resource whether you’re looking for a gift or if you simply want to know what Devon has to offer. The site also has some cool tips on restaurants, bars, cafes and culture all around Devon.

What I like about it is that it also has a lot of those things which are a little off-the path. So check it out, it can help you to find many of the cool and unique things here in Devon!


Cindy’s Wedding Reception

Cindy’s reception last month was definitely a blast. In fact, I might want to say it was probably the best reception I’ve ever been to!

I have to give probs to Cindy and Emilio, they really did an amazing job with selecting everything, from the great food and drink they had to the musical entertainment.

One of the best things and definitely one of the highlights of the party was when all the guys from a  security firm here in Torquay showed up for an amazing dance show. They did some pretty good Michael Jackson impersonations, absolutely awesome.

I took this also as a good opportunity to talk with some of the security guys because I am looking for some reliable door supervisors for some time already. I was not too happy with the last company I hired. We had some time to talk and I as really impressed with the guys.

We will meet next week again to talk things over. (So if you’re like me in the Torquay area and need some professionals for security in Torquay I can highly recommend them to you!)

Now, as you can imagine, I am already looking forward to Miriam’s reception in spring. She told me she wants to make her wedding at least as good as Cindy’s. Well, I am definitely looking forward to it!